How Non-Alcholic Beverage Brands Should Prepare for Dry January

Discover how to leverage Dry January for your non-alcoholic beverage brand. Our article covers effective positioning, creating engaging content, and utilizing Crafted's expert strategies for a successful campaign. Dive in for valuable insights and tips to make this Dry January your most impactful yet.

Maximizing January for Healthy Food Brands

Dive into the world of influencer marketing! Crafted's guide for food and bev unveils strategies, collaborations, and measuring success for impactful campaigns.

A Practical Guide to Launching Your Video Ads Strategy in 2024

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of video advertising can be overwhelming. Tailored for newcomers to the digital space, this guide unpacks the intricacies of building a successful video ad strategy. Whether you're in the experimentation phase, trying to pinpoint your target audience, or scaling up with a clear understanding of your audience's profile, video advertising is the tool you need. Dive deep into the science of video ad experimentation, from understanding the market landscape and defining problems to mastering platform basics and ad anatomy. Learn the importance of A/B testing, the art of selecting variables, and the significance of choosing the right platform, be it TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, or Facebook Reels. This guide is your comprehensive manual to harnessing the power of video advertising.

From Static to Video — Why Video Ads Dominate Digital Marketing Today

Video advertising is a powerful medium in the digital marketing realm of 2023. Paid advertising is an online strategy where brands pay to promote content to specific audiences, including methods such as paid search, programmatic display ads, and social ads. Among these, video ads stand out for their dynamic and tailored content. This article explores different video ad types and how brands must strike a balance between reach and authenticity to maximize the potential of video ads in this digital landscape.

Maximizing Holiday Marketing: Leveraging Digital Content for Seasonal Success

Get ready to sleigh the holiday season with our ultimate guide to festive marketing! Discover the importance of digital presence and user-generated content in your holiday marketing mix. From TikTok to Instagram, influencer marketing to giveaways, and email campaigns to trending holiday strategies, learn how to create a successful holiday marketing plan step by step. Dive into inspiring examples from Starbucks and Spotify, and make your brand the star of this year's festivities. 'Tis the season to engage, connect, and celebrate with your audience!

Top 10 Marketing Tactics for Food & Beverage Brands in 2023

Food and beverage brands have a range of marketing strategies to enhance their market presence and boost sales. While traditional tactics like demos, event sponsorship, and radio ads remain relevant, the digital landscape is increasingly important. Social media, OTT streaming, and YouTube offer valuable channels, while user-generated content, influencer marketing, and recipe content provide authentic and engaging ways to reach consumers. Retail media networks and product reviews play a crucial role in visibility and retailer relationships. Combining these strategies creates an effective omni-channel approach, meeting consumers both online and in-store. Adapting and employing these diverse strategies is essential for brands to stay competitive and thrive in the dynamic marketing environment.

How to Use Micro-influencers to Find the Right Audience for your new CPG Product

To launch a new product effectively, it's crucial to understand your target customers and how to market to them. Using micro-influencers can be a cost-effective way to test before investing in larger influencers. This article proposes a micro-influencer testing framework involving 24 micro-influencers to test creator types, unique selling points, and video types. By selecting three niches aligned with your brand and measuring effectiveness, you can gain insights into your target audience and product-market fit. This framework provides a foundation for refining your brand voice, messaging, and paid media strategy.

How to Market Your Retail Launch and Fly Off the Shelves

Whether you're an emerging brand or a billion-dollar manufacturer, getting into retail is a challenging feat, and you should be proud. However, staying on the shelf can an even harder task. Did you know that 80% of CPG brands who launch in grocery store don't meet retail velocity thresholds and fail? Here's your comprehensive retail marketing solution, containing all the 5 core online and offline marketing strategies to ensure you fly off the shelves and be among the winning 20%.



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