Boost CTRs with video content for ad campaigns

Increase click-through rates using video content in your ad campaigns. Video engages audiences more effectively, driving interest and conversions. With Crafted, transform your ads from static to dynamic, capturing attention and amplifying results.

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Consistently produce high quality & high performing video content

Leverage our vetted network of thousands of creators to consistently produce top-quality and high-performing video content. Our creators consistently outperform in-house content teams and marketing agencies, ensuring that you get the best results for your brand.

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Drive-to-Retail Content

Grow awareness for your retail launch with drive-to-retail content

Boost awareness for your retail launch with compelling drive-to-retail content. Our creators take viewers on a journey to the exact storefront and aisle where your product is located, creating a clear and direct path to purchase. Make your retail debut unforgettable with Crafted.

Manage all creators & content in one place

Streamline your creator management with Crafted's all-in-one platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling Instagram DMs, spreadsheets, Google Drives, email attachments, and texts. Keep all your creators and content neatly organized in one centralized hub for effortless management.

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How it Works

increase bottom of funnel converions

Step 1: Post Brief

Once you purchase your credit pack and create an account on our platform, post a brief to Crafted. Don't know where to start? Try our AI generated brief builder.
increase top of funnel conversions

Step 2: Select Creators

Within minutes, vetted creators will apply to your brief. Review their portfolio and Crafted rating to make your selection
meet customers where they are with ugc

Step 3: Review Drafts

Once creators submit their drafts, you can approve it or leave revisions.
increase bottom of funnel converions

Step 4: Get Content

After you approve the final drafts, you will have access to your video content. You can download it, edit it, and distirbute it on any paid and organic channel. You have usage rights in perpetuity.

Our clients report...


higher CTR with Crafted compared to client averages


lower CPC with Crafted content compared to client averages


lower CPA with Crafted content compared to client averages


time savings with Crafted on average


cost savings with Crafted on average


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