Increase retail velocity with our scalable performance-based influencer campaigns

When launching a new product at a new retailer, hitting your velocity targets within the first 6 weeks is critical to maximizing long-term success with that retailer and future retailers. Local micro-influencers are the best tool to drive awareness about your product on-shelf. Our creator management software and performance-based creator pricing allows you to activate a high volume of influencers going into your target retail stores with ease.

Read how Scotch Boyz boosted their Target velocities by 70% with Crafted

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Track campaign performance in real-time

Monitor your campaign's progression instantaneously with our real-time tracking feature. Gain insights on performance metrics, allowing for timely adjustments and optimizations. Ensure your campaign remains on target, leveraging immediate feedback to maximize its potential and achieve desired outcomes.

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Crafted Analytics Dashboard
Crafted Pre-Negotiated Rate

Rates are set based accurately projected viewership, no negotiating with creators

We've eliminated the hassle of influencer negotiations through our performance-based transparent creator pricing model. We analyze creators' historical viewership and set rates based on a $33 CPM — over 70% lower than the industry average CPM for influencer rates. Our platform provides accurate reach forecasting and transparent budget planning tools, ensuring you hit your performance goals without going over budget.

Read how Crafted helped launch Shaq's new burger into mass retail, exceeding the reach target by 268%

Launch your influencer campaign in as little as 2 weeks

All you need is a list of your store locations and a brief. We take care of the rest. From launching your campaign in Crafted to the first video posted, you can enjoy a turnaround time as short as 2 weeks. To make it even easier, while other influencer platforms charge high monthly fees or high campaign minimums, Crafted allows brands to launch campaigns with a minimum of $5,000.

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Crafted Product Fullfillment
Crafted Video Catalog

Influencer campaigns that double as ad creative

You have usage rights to any content created via the Crafted platform in perpetuity. As soon as a draft is approved, not only will the creator post the video, but you will also receive the video asset. Download and repurpose this content across additional paid and organic channels to further amplify the videos.

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Build Brand Awareness

My Estimated Sales Lift:
20-40 units

Diversify Your Audience

Micro Influencers: 10-100k followers

My Estimated Campaign Viewership
300,000-500,000 views

Supporting Retail Launch

To support your launch, create a campaign that generates
533,333-1,066,666 views

How it Works

increase bottom of funnel converions

Step 1: Launch with Precision

Use Crafted's platform to initiate your campaign. Outline specific talking points, designate target retail locations, and define your audience. Our system then broadcasts this opportunity across our vast influencer network, ensuring your brand resonates with the right voices.
increase top of funnel conversions

Step 2: Select Creators

Receive and review proposals from creators via Crafted. Choose your ideal partners without the hassle of negotiations. Each creator opts into their algorithmically set rate, which predicts the post's reach, ensuring cost-effective collaborations.
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Step 3: Review Drafts & More

Oversee the entire creator process without sinking hours per week going back and forth with creators. Dispatch products, peruse video drafts, and provide feedback all through Crafted's integrated platform.
increase bottom of funnel converions

Step 4: Content Goes Live

After you approve the final drafts, you can track post metrics in real time. You can also download the video content and repurpose it for paid channels. You have usage rights in perpetuity.
increase bottom of funnel converions

Step 5: Get Data

Experience the power of data with our analytics dashboard. Monitor campaign performance in real time, evaluating both post and overall campaign metrics. Use insights to refine strategies and amplify your brand's impact.


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