Lower your customer acquisition costs by 28%

Creative is the #1 most important variable to be testing and optimizing for your digital ad campaigns. UGC is the most effective form of ad creative, but the most difficult to acquire at scale. Crafted removes the friction from the UGC process, ensuring you have enough ad creative to keep your ROAS high and your cost to acquire a new customer low.

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Efficiently produce video content that converts

Leverage our vetted network of thousands of creators to consistently produce top-quality and high-performing video content. From recipe to retail, review to lifestyle, and taste test to testimonial — get any style UGC that is the highest quality but lowest prices.

Read how FINE & RAW achieved a 75% reduction in CPC and a 28% decrease in CPA with Crafted.

Influencer Marketing Offering

Boost sales at your retail locations

Crafted not only delivers direct response ad creative for your e-commerce business, we also have the unique ability to send creators into stores, helping you promote your new store launch. Run locally targeted ads to boost velocity. Coupled with a digital rebate program, Crafted can help drive trial for new product launches in retail.

Read how Soom Foods reached over 48k Publix customers with their ad campaign powered by Crafted content.

Manage all creators & content in one place

Streamline your creator management with Crafted's all-in-one platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling Instagram DMs, spreadsheets, Google Drives, email attachments, and texts. Keep all your creators and content neatly organized in one centralized hub for effortless management.

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Get usage rights in perpetuity

No more negotiating bespoke usage rights with creators one-to-one. With Crafted, you can rest easy knowing any content facilitated through our platform is licensed to you in any way, shape, or form — forever.

Read how Hella Cocktail Co. drove costs down by 66% when launching seasonal content for their organic and paid social strategies.

How it Works

increase bottom of funnel converions

Step 1: Post Brief

Once you purchase your credit pack and create an account on our platform, post a brief to Crafted. Don't know where to start? Try our AI generated brief builder.
increase top of funnel conversions

Step 2: Select Creators

Within minutes, vetted creators will apply to your brief. Review their portfolio and Crafted rating to make your selection
meet customers where they are with ugc

Step 3: Review Drafts

Once creators submit their drafts, you can approve it or leave revisions.
increase bottom of funnel converions

Step 4: Get Content

After you approve the final drafts, you will have access to your video content. You can download it, edit it, and distirbute it on any paid and organic channel. You have usage rights in perpetuity.

Our clients report...


higher CTR with Crafted compared to client averages


lower CPC with Crafted content compared to client averages


lower CPA with Crafted content compared to client averages


time savings with Crafted on average


cost savings with Crafted on average


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