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Savoring Success: Crafted and Soom's Recipe for Digital Prowess at Publix


oom, a leading provider of premium tahini and other Mediterranean pantry staples, embarked on a significant expansion by launching their products in Publix stores. With a rich culinary heritage and a commitment to quality, Soom sought to elevate its presence from mere visibility to becoming a household name among Publix shoppers.


Despite securing shelf space in Publix stores, Soom faced the challenge of maximizing their presence and driving awareness with Publix shoppers. While in-store promotions were effective to some extent, there was a clear need for a digital campaign to complement these efforts, extending Soom's reach to a broader audience and reinforcing its partnership with Publix.


In response to this challenge, Soom leveraged Crafted Studio to source a number of short-form UGC style recipe and retail videos. Crafted's platform and creator network is designed to seamlessly capitalize on the power of authentic, user-generated content in driving engagement and awareness, particularly on social media platforms.

Leveraging Soom's existing customer base and culinary enthusiasts, Crafted curated a series of UGC ads to promote Soom's products, emphasizing the brand's unique appeal and quality.

Soom posted several briefs to our creator network through the Crafted portal. This is a screenshot of the creator proposals for the Publix task, for which Sophie was selected. Other briefs pertained to Whole Foods and The Fresh Market.

Once Sophie was selected, the client allocated $20 to reimburse the creator for purchasing product in-store. Crafted handled creator payout and reimbursement after the deliverable was complete.

Sophie then submitted her draft for review, and once it was approved, it appeared in the video asset library and was promptly downloaded and utilized for Facebook Advertising.

The campaign strategically deployed UGC across various digital channels, including Facebook, to capture the attention of Publix, Whole Foods, and The Fresh Market shoppers and enthusiasts of Mediterranean cuisine. By showcasing the creativity and passion of Soom's customers, the campaign not only drove engagement but also fostered a sense of community and loyalty around the brand.


The UGC campaign proved highly successful in elevating Soom's presence and driving customer engagement both online and in-store. By harnessing the power of authentic storytelling and user-generated content, Soom effectively connected with its target audience, positioning itself as a premium brand synonymous with quality and innovation. Of all of the assets created via Crafted, one emerged as the clear winning creative — creator Sophie's Publix video ad for Facebook.

Link to winning Facebook Ad
"By writing a very detailed brief with a shot list, talking points, and clear directions, we were able to acquire exactly what we were looking for to promote our launch into Publix and provide paid social support for retail promotions at Whole Foods and The Fresh Market. Crafted took care of all the heavy lifting that I used to spend weeks of my time on. Our standout piece of UGC from Sophie Phan was one of the best pieces of promotional content we've ever received!" - Diana Soom's Brand Manager

Key metrics from the ad include:

  • 35% higher average Click-Through Rate (CTR) compared to other Top-of-Funnel (TOF) campaigns, at 6.76%
  • Lowest Cost Per Click (CPC) among all ads running in tandem, at $0.13.
  • Competitive Cost Per Mille (CPM) of $4.48, the second lowest compared to the other ads that were running in tandem.
  • 48k impressions
  • 4124 clicks


In today's saturated and highly regulatory privacy environment, the way to win at paid social advertising is to quickly test as many unique video assets as possible. In order to realize the results of this superstar video by Sophie, Soom had to procure 10 videos from Crafted to test — and was able to do so seamlessly via our Crafted Studio platform.

Our campaign's success underscores the importance of authenticity and creativity in modern marketing. By spotlighting the passion and creativity of Soom's customers, we've not only captured attention but also cultivated a vibrant community around the brand.

Feb 28, 2024
Case Studies
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