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Cracking The Code: A Guide To Crafting Effective Video UGC or Influencer Brief

We’ve seen hundreds of ad briefs from clients across industries. We’ve analyzed them all — identifying patterns and measuring video quality output. Through this process, we’ve decoded the secret behind crafting the best ad brief that yields exceptional results, generating quality UGC ad creative that converts. And we’re sharing our secrets! Follow these steps to crafting winning video ad creative briefs to ensure creators are aligned to create scroll-stopping, clear, and authentic content that drives engagement and sales.
Influencer Marketing

How Much Does Influencer Marketing Cost? How to Budget for Influencers in 2024

From influence budget setting to negotiating rates with influencers - check out this quick guide on the cost of influencers for how to think about the ever elusive world of influencer marketing budgeting.
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Spread the Word: FINE & RAW's Recipe for ROAS with Crafted's UGC Ad Creative

This case study highlights the successful collaboration between FINE & RAW Chocolate, Growphoria, and Crafted, focusing on leveraging high-quality, authentic user-generated video content to enhance digital marketing strategies. By targeting specific challenges such as increasing engagement and optimizing cost-efficiency, the partnership achieved remarkable results including doubled advertising spend, significant improvements in click-through rates, and a notable decrease in cost-per-acquisition. The initiative demonstrates the power of tailored, engaging content in elevating brand presence and campaign performance on digital platforms, particularly Meta, showcasing a strategic approach to digital advertising and user-generated content.

How to Launch A UGC Strategy in 2024

Explore UGC strategies that emphasize demographics and identifies consumers on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. This guide thoroughly talks about creating metrics that are unique to each platform while creating concise guidelines on how to launch a specialized strategy.

A Practical Guide to Launching Your Video Ads Strategy in 2024

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of video advertising can be overwhelming. Tailored for newcomers to the digital space, this guide unpacks the intricacies of building a successful video ad strategy. Whether you're in the experimentation phase, trying to pinpoint your target audience, or scaling up with a clear understanding of your audience's profile, video advertising is the tool you need. Dive deep into the science of video ad experimentation, from understanding the market landscape and defining problems to mastering platform basics and ad anatomy. Learn the importance of A/B testing, the art of selecting variables, and the significance of choosing the right platform, be it TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, or Facebook Reels. This guide is your comprehensive manual to harnessing the power of video advertising.

From Static to Video — Why Video Ads Dominate Digital Marketing Today

Video advertising is a powerful medium in the digital marketing realm of 2023. Paid advertising is an online strategy where brands pay to promote content to specific audiences, including methods such as paid search, programmatic display ads, and social ads. Among these, video ads stand out for their dynamic and tailored content. This article explores different video ad types and how brands must strike a balance between reach and authenticity to maximize the potential of video ads in this digital landscape.
Case Studies

Turning Up the Heat: Scotch Boyz's Fiery Foray into Target

Scotch Boyz is a brand that transformed Jamaican zest into a national treasure on Target’s shelves. This case study highlights how Crafted facilitated their transition from visibility to virality, utilizing a dynamic digital campaign to captivate and convert online audiences into loyal in-store customers. The results? An astonishing 70% surge in sales, over 166k views, and an undeniable spot in the competitive retail landscape.
Social Media

Everything Food & Beverage Brands Need to Know About Video Ads in 2024

Video ads are becoming a staple in digital marketing, with a significant uptick in paid social advertising across major platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Crafting a successful video involves clear objectives, understanding funnel tactics, precise audience targeting, and compelling creative elements. Major brands have exemplified effective video advertising by leveraging platform-specific features and trends.



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