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Turning Up the Heat: Scotch Boyz's Fiery Foray into Target


Scotch Boyz, a genuine hot sauce brand rooted in Jamaican tradition, made a significant leap forward by securing shelf space in Target stores across the nation. The brand's challenge was to transform its presence from mere visibility on the store end caps to a nationwide sensation, encouraging Target shoppers to actively seek out and purchase their hot sauce.

TLDR: Our Results


Despite the in-store promotions at Target providing a level of visibility, there was a pressing need for a digital campaign to complement this, driving traffic to the stores and strengthening Scotch Boyz's relationship with Target's purchasing team. The founders of Scotch Boyz, who run a lean, bootstrapped brand have never stood up concerted marketing initiatives, let alone coordinated social media campaigns. The challenge was to convert online audiences into in-store customers, ensuring the brand's commitment to its retail spot was clear and undeniable. 


In response to this, Scotch Boyz partnered with Crafted to initiate an influencer campaign specifically spotlighting all four Scotch Boyz SKUs at Target: Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce, Jerk Sauce, Hot Pepper Sauce, and Habanero Pepper Sauce. The campaign was carefully curated to run alongside the end cap promotion, with engaging content deployed and promoted across pivotal platforms to craft a continuous and compelling narrative. This narrative journey commenced online, capturing curiosity and building excitement, and culminated in-store with customers actively seeking and purchasing the Scotch Boyz hot sauce. Crafted also saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone — combining the Target awareness angle with recipe content, something that Scotch Boyz was in strong need of across their socials.

Drive-to-Retail Content for Scotch Boyz Campaign

Crafted’s strategic promotion played a crucial role in this campaign’s success, ensuring the story not only reached the target audience but also resonated with them, prompting action. The content, tailored to reflect the brand’s authenticity and appeal, managed to create a buzz around the product, driving traffic from online platforms directly to Target’s shelves. Check out a few of our top performing posts.

@cutefetti's post
@elleisalwayshere's post
@savvysavingcouple's post
@saharmellow's post


The campaign achieved impressive results, with the digital content reaching over 166k views, ensuring Scotch Boyz was on the radar of numerous potential customers. The engagement rate stood at a remarkable 16%, indicating the content's resonance with the audience and their increased likelihood to take action. Most significantly, the campaign had a direct impact on consumer purchasing behavior, with a significant 70% boost in units-sold-per week combined with their end-cap promotion across all Target stores.


Scotch Boyz's strategic influencer campaign, executed in partnership with Crafted, exemplifies the effectiveness of combining digital engagement with in-store promotions. By crafting a narrative that flowed from online platforms to Target's physical stores, Scotch Boyz not only increased its visibility and engagement but also doubled its unit sales per week, solidifying its presence in the competitive retail space and demonstrating the power of a well-integrated marketing strategy.

Oct 30, 2023
Case Studies
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