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Tik Tok, Reels, and Shorts Tips (Updated Monthly)


-Make use of the trends that are taking over Tiktok

  • Broad and new trends like Thanksgiving coming up, Halloween, Christmas, and Ending of the year
  • Memes- relate it to you or a niche
  • Pay attention to niche specific trends
  • Make sure to hop on the trend on the right time, not too early or too late

-Follow best post lengths

  • 5-7 seconds for short content- Make sure that to hit 100% watch time
  • 18-21 seconds or 27-31 seconds for medium length content- Average view duration of at least 75% and 70% watching the first 3 seconds
  • Content that is over 1 minute- 70% of viewers to get the first 3 seconds

-Model your content to creators who are successful in your niche, taking note of the hook, the topic, and the length

-Make sure to use trending music that fits your content

Instagram Reels

-Instagram favors content depending on where it will show up

  • If you are trying to get on the explore page or home feed, create a carousel where the first part of the carousel is an infographic or a meme which is then followed by a video
  • Post a Reel, but  not only on the Reels feed but on both feeds

-How to think about Instagram engagement

  • Shares: Shoot for 50% to 75% of your audience sharing your content
  • Watch time: Get people to watch the whole video, posts can be as short as 5 seconds
  • Comments: Get people to comment or spend time in the comment section
  • CTA: Asking viewers to go to the link in your bio will lessen the reach and engagement by 57%. Utilize the Comment to DM Automation to increase engagement

-Change the text color you are using in your videos

  • White and black text
  • White and yellow or black and yellow

-Use the right hashtags and topics

  • Recycling Make use of old videos that has been successful before then repost it without the Instagram watermark. Use different hashtags and description
  • Competition: Look at what topics, hooks, and lengths your competitors are using
  • Search: Use different trends/suggested topics that Instagram is trying to push out to rank in Search

YouTube Shorts

-Best video lengths

  • 31- 36 seconds
  • 12-15 seconds
  • 55-60 seconds

-Under 30 second videos should hit 85% of people viewing your video and 100% video duration

-Over 30 second videos should hit 75% of people viewing your video and 80% video duration

-Use the right keywords in the title, transcript of your content, and description. Utilize the search strategy to use the right keywords to boost your content.

-Use the new features to your advantage

  • Gamification of the Subscribe button- telling people to subscribe up to 3 times in your video, YouTube will detect it and make the Subscribe button light up

-Youtube prioritizing the shorts that have the following:

  • Hashtags: Don't overuse them. No more than 3 hashtags
  • Text: Have text on the screen in the beginning of the video
  • Hook: Quick action in the beginning of the video. Moving hands, running, etc.
  • Pace: Quick scene changes every 3-4 seconds at the start of the video and every 7-8 seconds towards the end

We know keeping up with these platforms is very demanding, as each require you post a video at least once per day. Need content ideas? Download our 31 day social media video content calendar (with examples!) that you can repeat and repurpose for the year.

Nov 20, 2023
Social Media
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