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Case Studies

Savoring Success: Crafted and Soom's Recipe for Digital Prowess at Publix

Soom teamed up with Crafted to harness the power of UGC, proving that a spoonful of creativity can lead to shelves of success. Learn more about how Crafted helped bring to life Soom's presence in Publix, but also drove reach and engagement to a targeted audience. If you are on the fence about ad creative testing, UGC, or drive-to-retail content, give this case study a read.
Video Ads

Launching Video Ads on Facebook & Instagram for Food & Bev Brands

Master the art of launching successful video ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram for your food and beverage brand. Learn how to create impactful ads with attention-grabbing openings and mute viewing optimization, employing A/B testing and active community engagement. Discover how Crafted can simplify your video ad creation process on these influential platforms, helping you connect with your audience through targeted storytelling and engaging content.



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