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Unmatched Reach: How Crafted Drove 30% Sales Lift at Walmart for unMEAT

nMEAT, a new player in the US alternative meat market, partnered with Crafted to overcome the challenge of creating brand awareness and driving sales amidst scrutiny of the plant-based meat category. By launching a dynamic nano and micro-influencer campaign, they generated highly engaging user-generated content that fueled significant organic growth. The campaign led to a 30% year-over-year increase in business and boosted Walmart sales with over $500k in revenue. Dive into this case study to see how Crafted’s innovative approach delivered exceptional results for unMEAT.

Top Retail Media Networks vs. Emerging RMNs

The world of retail media continues to explode with industry leaders making big moves and smaller, niche retailers getting into the game. In this article you'll get a breakdown of what retail media networks are, as well as the implications of this trend on retail and digital advertising down the line.

Biden has passed a potential TikTok ban into law

The imminent TikTok ban has catalyzed a national debate, emphasizing critical issues surrounding national security, data privacy, and free speech. As Congress passes legislation to potentially prohibit TikTok, a platform beloved by millions, unless its Chinese parent company ByteDance divests its stakes, the implications resonate across various domains. This legislation not only affects TikTok's vast user base but also prompts significant shifts in the digital marketing landscape, challenges to free expression, and potential repercussions in global tech policy. This complex situation underscores the intricate balance between safeguarding national security and fostering a free, innovative online ecosystem.

Navigating the Precarious Path of Retail Innovation: Insights from Foxtrot & Dom's Collapse

The recent announcement that Foxtrot closes stores has sent shockwaves through the retail and CPG industries. Foxtrot, once a rising star in the upscale convenience store market, and its recent merger partner, Dom's Kitchen & Market, under the Outfox Hospitality banner, have decided to shut down all locations. This decision highlights significant missteps in strategic direction, financial management, and operational execution. The collapse serves as a critical lesson for retail businesses on the importance of maintaining a strong brand identity, managing growth sustainably, and upholding rigorous financial oversight to prevent over-leveraging. As Foxtrot closes stores, the retail sector is reminded of the delicate balance between innovation and operational viability.
Case Studies

Spread the Word: FINE & RAW's Recipe for ROAS with Crafted's UGC Ad Creative

This case study highlights the successful collaboration between FINE & RAW Chocolate, Growphoria, and Crafted, focusing on leveraging high-quality, authentic user-generated video content to enhance digital marketing strategies. By targeting specific challenges such as increasing engagement and optimizing cost-efficiency, the partnership achieved remarkable results including doubled advertising spend, significant improvements in click-through rates, and a notable decrease in cost-per-acquisition. The initiative demonstrates the power of tailored, engaging content in elevating brand presence and campaign performance on digital platforms, particularly Meta, showcasing a strategic approach to digital advertising and user-generated content.
Case Studies

Savoring Success: Crafted and Soom's Recipe for Digital Prowess at Publix

Soom teamed up with Crafted to harness the power of UGC, proving that a spoonful of creativity can lead to shelves of success. Learn more about how Crafted helped bring to life Soom's presence in Publix, but also drove reach and engagement to a targeted audience. If you are on the fence about ad creative testing, UGC, or drive-to-retail content, give this case study a read.

The Power of Influencer Whitelisting and How To Do It

Discover the power of influencer whitelisting in our latest guide. Dive into strategies for authentic content, mutual benefits, and navigating financial aspects of influencer collaborations. This article breaks down everything you need to know to leverage influencer relationships for maximum brand impact and ROI.

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