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Top Retail Media Networks vs. Emerging RMNs

The world of retail media continues to explode with industry leaders making big moves and smaller, niche retailers getting into the game. In this article you'll get a breakdown of what retail media networks are, as well as the implications of this trend on retail and digital advertising down the line.

Navigating the Precarious Path of Retail Innovation: Insights from Foxtrot & Dom's Collapse

The recent announcement that Foxtrot closes stores has sent shockwaves through the retail and CPG industries. Foxtrot, once a rising star in the upscale convenience store market, and its recent merger partner, Dom's Kitchen & Market, under the Outfox Hospitality banner, have decided to shut down all locations. This decision highlights significant missteps in strategic direction, financial management, and operational execution. The collapse serves as a critical lesson for retail businesses on the importance of maintaining a strong brand identity, managing growth sustainably, and upholding rigorous financial oversight to prevent over-leveraging. As Foxtrot closes stores, the retail sector is reminded of the delicate balance between innovation and operational viability.
Case Studies

Savoring Success: Crafted and Soom's Recipe for Digital Prowess at Publix

Soom teamed up with Crafted to harness the power of UGC, proving that a spoonful of creativity can lead to shelves of success. Learn more about how Crafted helped bring to life Soom's presence in Publix, but also drove reach and engagement to a targeted audience. If you are on the fence about ad creative testing, UGC, or drive-to-retail content, give this case study a read.

How to Drive Trial for Your Food and Beverage Brand

Learn the secrets behind crafting effective local and regional campaigns, creating engaging short-form videos, and driving retail purchasing through targeted efforts. Join us in exploring how Crafted's cutting-edge platform and tailored approaches can elevate your brand to new heights.

Founder Spotlight: Dream Pops Transition to UGC Marketing

Explore how Dream Pops utilized User Generated Content to redefine their brand, and learn how with a proper UGC strategy you can do the same for your food and beverage business. Discover the power of authenticity and community-building with UGC.
Case Studies

Sizzling Success: How Crafted Boosted Meat District's SHAQ Burger Launch via Drive-to-Retail Content

Crafted's localized micro-influencer campaign for Meat District's Shaq Burger achieved 608,683 views, surpassing targets. The Drive-to-Retail strategy successfully directed consumers to specific stores, showcasing the power of regional influencer marketing.

5 Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing Tips for Omnichannel Brands

Explore strategies for amplifying omnichannel retail sales using hyperlocal social media marketing. Tips for targeted campaigns, influencers, and tracking.

Top 10 Marketing Tactics for Food & Beverage Brands in 2023

Food and beverage brands have a range of marketing strategies to enhance their market presence and boost sales. While traditional tactics like demos, event sponsorship, and radio ads remain relevant, the digital landscape is increasingly important. Social media, OTT streaming, and YouTube offer valuable channels, while user-generated content, influencer marketing, and recipe content provide authentic and engaging ways to reach consumers. Retail media networks and product reviews play a crucial role in visibility and retailer relationships. Combining these strategies creates an effective omni-channel approach, meeting consumers both online and in-store. Adapting and employing these diverse strategies is essential for brands to stay competitive and thrive in the dynamic marketing environment.



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