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Turning Up the Heat: Scotch Boyz's Fiery Foray into Target

Scotch Boyz is a brand that transformed Jamaican zest into a national treasure on Target’s shelves. This case study highlights how Crafted facilitated their transition from visibility to virality, utilizing a dynamic digital campaign to captivate and convert online audiences into loyal in-store customers. The results? An astonishing 70% surge in sales, over 166k views, and an undeniable spot in the competitive retail landscape.

5 Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing Tips for Omnichannel Brands

Explore strategies for amplifying omnichannel retail sales using hyperlocal social media marketing. Tips for targeted campaigns, influencers, and tracking.
Case Studies

Crafting Moments: How Crafted Shakes Up Hella's Year-Round Fiesta

Crafted empowered Hella Cocktail Co. to elevate its digital marketing, leveraging holiday-themed content to drive traffic to Amazon PDP with a blend of Pinterest and Instagram strategies. Efficient creator management and multi-platform content deployment highlighted the unique appeal of Hella's offerings, achieving remarkable engagement and cost savings.



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