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Crafting Moments: How Crafted Shakes Up Hella's Year-Round Fiesta


ella Cocktail Co., a leader in botanically-inspired mixers and bar-quality beverages, partnered with Crafted for a year-round campaign aimed to capitalize on holiday celebrations & recipe content. With a focus on "buzz optional" concoctions, Hella sought to enchant customers with their unique mixers and bitters through meticulously curated recipes tied to key holidays and seasons.


The core challenge for Hella Cocktail Co. was enhancing top-of-funnel awareness and boosting click-through rates to their Amazon PDP. The strategy hinged on generating and leveraging a rich catalog of holiday and seasonally themed recipes into a potent tool for increasing awareness and navigating consumers towards their Amazon PDP. Even taking care to carefully choose holidays and recipes that resonate with the brand and specific product lines, such as leveraging tequila-based cocktails for Cinco de Mayo. 

This approach aimed to not only highlight Hella's offerings, but necessitated an innovative solution for creating and distributing timely, visually appealing video content that puts Hella front and center for diverse occasions.


The team evaluated many agencies and other UGC providers but none matched our pricing and quality. Crafted was also the only partner that specialized in food & drink content.

Hella leveraged Crafted’s platform to source, activate and manage vetted recipe creators to authentically showcase Hella Cocktail Co.'s products during the following campaigns:

  • Cinco de Mayo Campaign
  • Summer Campaign (incl. Hydro Flask Partnership)
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign
  • Winter Holiday Season Campaign

Being able to quickly source vetted creators and the efficiency provided by Crafted's management platform significantly outpaced traditional, manual methods of content creation, offering Hella the agility to respond to seasonal opportunities with consistently high-quality content that resonated deeply with their target audience.

After the content was generated through Crafted, Hella deployed the content in two ways:

Pinterest Pins from the Hella Cocktail Co. (@hellacocktailco) account 

  • Included recipe content generated from Crafted creators in the Pinterest Pin
  • Linked out to Amazon PDP for the corresponding Hella Product from the Pin

Instagram Posts from the Hella Cocktail Co. (@hellacocktailco) account

  • Directed viewers to Link In Bio for Full Recipe
  • Link In Bio included a link to the Recipes Page on the Hella Website, with individual links to Pinterest Pins with the full recipe
  • Pins also linked out to Amazon PDP for the corresponding Hella Product

Pinterest Pins were for lower funnel conversion, whereas Instagram Post was to improve upper funnel traffic to push down to Pinterest Pins.


Platform Performance


  • 1.8% average clickthrough rate from Pinterest Pin to Amazon PDP
  • 6% organic Pinterest engagement on average per Pin
  • (1-5% is considered a “good” engagement rate. Source: Hootsuite)

Instagram Reels

  • Crafted produced videos generated 3.48x higher average impressions than brand account average. 
  • Over 90,000 organic impressions across all Reels
  • 5% post engagement rate 
  • (1-5% is considered a “good” engagement rate. Source: Hootsuite)

Campaign Highlights

Hella Cocktail Co. x Hydro Flask x Ritual recipe collab. 44k views.

holiday gingerbread shot cocktail
Hella Cocktail Co. x Partake giveaway collab. 5.4k views.

Hella Cocktail Co. Americano Cocktail recipe video. 3k views.

A screenshot of a Pinterest Post from Hella Cocktail for Cinco De Mayo.
Pinterest Pin from the Cinco De Mayo Campaign (including the full recipe & linking out to the Amazon PDP). 16k views.

Other Notable Results

Not only did these campaigns exceed viewership and engagement expectations, the clients reported a 66% cost savings compared to if they created this content using creators directly or other agencies.

Hella also reported working with Crafted cut down their time spent managing this content by over 50%.

“One of the standout aspects of working with Crafted has been the way they tailor user-generated content to align seamlessly with our product lineup and marketing calendar. It's not just generic content; it's thoughtfully crafted to resonate with our specific campaigns and audience. We've found that Crafted offers competitive pricing that's actually below the market cost per video. It's rare to find such a balance of quality and affordability. The diversity and expertise within the Crafted creator network have been exceptional. They have a broad array of creative capabilities and sound industry knowledge, which has been instrumental in bringing a fresh and authentic perspective to our campaigns.” - Eddie Simeon, Co-Founder & CMO of Hella Cocktail Co.


Hella’s use of Crafted's creator management platform proved instrumental in boosting the brand's online visibility and driving targeted traffic to their Amazon PDP, particularly through the effective use of recipe content on Pinterest as a pivotal component of the marketing funnel. By harnessing the power of holiday-themed content, Crafted adeptly aligned with seasonal consumer interests, leveraging these occasions to enhance the appeal of Hella's offerings. This approach not only facilitated increased engagement on Pinterest but also utilized Instagram Reels to amplify reach and engagement further, demonstrating the value of a multi-platform strategy tailored to specific audience behaviors and preferences. The collaboration between Crafted and Hella Cocktail Co. underscores the impact of marrying creative content with strategic timing, showcasing how nuanced, platform-specific content can drive meaningful results in digital marketing campaigns.

Case Studies
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