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How Much Does Influencer Marketing Cost? How to Budget for Influencers in 2024


nfluencer marketing has evolved into a fundamental strategy for brands aiming to enhance their digital presence and connect meaningfully with their audience. With over 60% of marketers planning to increase their influencer marketing budgets this year, the pressure is mounting to allocate funds wisely. In this detailed guide, we'll delve into sophisticated strategies for budgeting, rate-setting, and maximizing ROI in your influencer marketing campaigns, with a special focus on how Crafted can revolutionize your approach.

Decoding the Increasing Budgets and Cost of Influencer Marketing

While the industry norm continues to see a rise in budget allocations towards influencer marketing, Crafted recommends a bold approach: dedicating 25% of your total marketing budget to influencer strategies. Of course this greatly depends on your industry, but in the ballpark of 15-30% for consumer brands is a good place to be. This allocation isn’t just about spending more; it's about investing intelligently to garner social proof, amplify brand awareness, boost sales, and, critically, fuel your content engine. Influencer content is not just promotional—it’s a versatile asset that drives your brand's creative needs and digital advertising strategies.

The Strategic Advantage of a 25% Allocation

Investing 25% of your marketing budget in influencer marketing isn't merely a trend—it’s a calculated strategy to outperform traditional marketing expenditures like in-store promotions. This portion of your budget can yield:

-High-Quality Content: Obtain rights to influencer-generated content, which can be repurposed across your marketing channels, providing fresh and engaging material that supports continuous digital ad testing.

-Brand Amplification: Leverage the authentic connections influencers have with their followers to enhance brand recognition and trust.

-Versatile Marketing Use: The content produced is adaptable, from social media posts to enhanced digital campaigns, ensuring your brand remains dynamic and engaging.

The evolving landscape of influencer marketing is shifting away from traditional celebrity endorsements to a more integrated and strategic part of the marketing mix, emphasizing genuine content creation over mere association with high-profile names. This shift is evident in the success of brands like Seed and Athletic Greens, which leverage influencer partnerships not just for their star power but for their ability to generate relatable, compelling content that resonates with consumers.

Intelligent Budget Utilization and Influencer Selection

Selecting the right influencers is more than just finding personalities who align with your brand—it’s about ensuring your investment is justified by measurable returns. Traditionally, brands might reach out directly to influencers or use databases to send mass communications for partnerships. While these methods have their merits, they often lead to inconsistent costings and inefficiencies.

Crafted's Automated Rate-Setting: A Game Changer

At Crafted, we revolutionize this process by automating rate negotiations based on projected performance, not just follower count. This approach considers:

-Average Reach Per Video: We align payment with the expected reach, transitioning influencer marketing towards a more predictable and scalable form of media buying.

-Performance-Based Pricing: This method ensures you pay for results, not just potential, making your investment more accountable and ROI-driven.

Each creator has a base content creation fee of $200, which also covers usage rights. From there, their "reach rate" — the cost for the number of eyeballs we project they will drive for you — is completely variable depending on the average viewership we've calculated per creator. 

Our creators range anywhere from $250 per post to $13,000+. It's completely up to you how you want to spend your budget, although we recommend sticking in the $400-500 range per post — it's a good balance between getting decent viewership on a video while also being conservative with your overall campaign budget.

Take a look at these two examples:

These are real proposals from creators for a Walmart focused campaign. The first creator's "reach rate," which is the rate listed in black, is informed by her average Instagram Reel and TikTok video viewership combined. Another creator with 30k followers might have a completely different rate depending on their average viewership.

Creator with an average of 8.3k views total, with a rate of $474 per video

This second example showcases a creator with greater reach.

Creator with an average of 34.5k views, with a rate of $1342 per video

Managing Your Marketing Budget with Crafted’s Technology

Using Crafted’s platform, brands can manage their influencer marketing expenditures with unparalleled precision. Our tools allow for real-time tracking of campaign performance and budget allocation, ensuring that every dollar spent is an investment towards measurable outcomes.

Measuring ROI and Making Adjustments

ROI in influencer marketing should be meticulously tracked through direct sales, brand engagement metrics, and content longevity. With the average lifecycle of a video on platforms like Meta being about a month, the continuous refreshment of content is crucial. Crafted provides analytics that help brands understand the direct impact of each influencer engagement on their overall marketing objectives.


Allocating and managing budgets for influencer marketing must be done with strategic insight and an eye towards ROI. By dedicating a significant portion of your marketing budget to influencer strategies, and leveraging Crafted’s innovative platform, brands can ensure that their investment not only supports broad marketing goals but also provides a substantial return through direct engagement and sales. Embrace Crafted as your partner in navigating the complexities of influencer marketing, ensuring your brand remains at the forefront of this dynamic industry. Join the forward-thinking brands that are achieving remarkable success by integrating influencer marketing deeply into their promotional strategies with Crafted.

Apr 18, 2024
Influencer Marketing
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