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Unmatched Reach: How Crafted Drove 30% Sales Lift at Walmart for unMEAT


nMEAT is an alternative meat brand known for their vegan "Spam" product primarily in Asian countries. They entered the US market only 2 years ago, launching in Walmart locations across the US. Because unMEAT is new to US consumers, the brand had to create buzz and awareness for the brand, educate consumers on the benefits and use cases of the product, create and leverage social proof in their marketing, and drive retail velocity — all at once as quickly as possible. Additionally, these challenges were heightened during a period of increased scrutiny of the plant-based meat category.

TLDR: Our Results

The Solution

Crafted and unMEAT partnered to design and implement a comprehensive nano and micro-influencer marketing campaign focusing on generating highly engaged awareness for the brand, and user-generated video content that could be repurposed for the brand's organic and paid channels. For a lean team, our self-service platform coupled with our white-glove CX team was the perfect partner for running a large scale campaign without increasing headcount or agency spend. Crafted provided the following support to execute the strategy:

  • Co-developed the brief
  • Sourced, vetted, and activated influencers, presenting only interested creators who were priced by CPM according to their projected viewership
  • Managing logistics like store locations and product reimbursement
  • Captured and displayed the metrics of each post and the campaign in real-time


The campaign rolled out over the first 4 months of 2024, anchoring the messaging to the "New Year New You" movement that takes over consumers every Q1. Influencers were selected based on their audience demographics and engagement rates, ensuring alignment with unMEAT's target market. The content created included product reviews, recipe ideas, and lifestyle integration, all aimed at showcasing unMEAT products in a natural and appealing way.


The campaign delivered impressive results, as highlighted in Patrick's testimonial:

  • High-Performing Content:
    • 41 unique video assets with usage rights in perpetuity, posted to Instagram and TikTok
    • Total campaign views: 2,490,711 (260% achievement against goal)
    • CPM on organic influencer viewership: $12.88 (60% lower than forecasted)
    • Total likes: 106,875
    • Total comments: 2,132
    • Total shares: 9,138
    • Engagement rate: 4.38%
  • Sales Growth:
    • 30% Organic Growth: unMEAT's business grew by 30% year-over-year
  • Brand Reach and Engagement:
    • Over-Delivered on Reach: Crafted exceeded expectations in terms of reach, engagement, and the number of posts.
    • Increased Awareness: The campaign significantly boosted awareness of unMEAT during their key Q1 selling period.

Video with the highest viewership at 1.2M
Video with the highest engagement rate at 120%
Video with the highest purchase intent analyzed in comments

Positive Impact on Walmart Sales

The campaign's impact on Walmart sales was particularly noteworthy. The increased visibility and consumer engagement resulted in higher foot traffic to Walmart stores and increased product purchases. This success can be attributed to the authentic and engaging content created by influencers, which resonated well with the target audience.

Boost in Brand Reach and Engagement

Crafted's campaign also significantly increased unMEAT's brand reach and engagement. The influencers' posts garnered high levels of interaction, including likes, comments, and shares. This not only amplified unMEAT's message but also fostered a community of engaged consumers who were excited about the brand. Overall, Crafted helped elevate the presence of the brand online through an abundance of quality content.


The collaboration between unMEAT and Crafted demonstrates the power of well-executed influencer marketing and UGC. By leveraging Crafted's platform, unMEAT was able to achieve significant growth in both sales and brand awareness. The success of this campaign underscores the effectiveness of integrating authentic influencer content into marketing strategies.

Future Outlook

Encouraged by these results, unMEAT plans to continue its partnership with Crafted, exploring new and innovative ways to engage with consumers and drive further growth. The positive outcomes of this campaign serve as a testament to the potential of UGC and influencer marketing in the food and beverage industry.

In conclusion, Crafted's approach to influencer marketing has proven to be a game-changer for unMEAT, delivering tangible results and setting the stage for continued success.

Jun 26, 2024
Case Studies
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