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Spread the Word: FINE & RAW's Recipe for ROAS with Crafted's UGC Ad Creative


n the competitive confectionery landscape, FINE & RAW stands out not just for its exquisite, artisanal offerings but also for its innovative approach to digital marketing. The partnership with Growphoria, a forward-thinking growth marketing agency, aimed to amplify FINE & RAW’s online retail presence through a strategic pivot to user-generated video content (UGC). This initiative sought to overcome previous challenges encountered with content authenticity and engagement when working with conventional agencies and UGC platforms. Crafted, renowned for its specialized UGC tailored for food and beverage brands, was selected as the premier partner for this venture due to its unique proposition of high-quality, recipe-focused video content.

TLDR: The Results

The Challenge

The primary challenges faced by FINE & RAW and Growphoria were twofold:

  • The procurement of a substantial quantity of genuine and compelling UGC videos, necessary for exhaustive testing on Meta platforms to identify the most effective content.
  • The need to achieve significantly higher click-through rates (CTR) and lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA), crucial metrics for the success of their digital advertising campaigns on Meta.

Strategic Solution

The collaboration with Crafted led to the acquisition of an eclectic mix of video content featuring three of FINE & RAW ’s signature chocolate SKUs. Crafted’s platform facilitated access to a wide array of content creators, ensuring the authenticity and relatability of the UGC through social proof and organic testimonials. These videos underwent rigorous testing across several ad campaigns on Meta to meticulously gauge and enhance performance metrics.

Outcome and Achievements

The concerted efforts bore fruit with notable achievements in campaign metrics:

  • Among the 12 concurrently active ads, two standout creatives from Crafted significantly contributed to FINE & RAW ’s decision to double their monthly advertising spend.
  • The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) doubled, at an average of 2.4, peaking at an impressive 4.0 ROAS for the top-performing ads.
  • Engagement metrics showed a 200% increase in Click-Through Rates (CTR) compared to other campaigns, alongside a remarkable improvement in first-frame video retention rates.
  • Cost efficiencies were evident, with a 75% reduction in Cost Per Click (CPC) and a 28% decrease in CPA relative to other advertising averages.

View the videos that drove these results

Click here
Click here

Transformative Impact

  • Enhanced Brand Engagement: The curated user-generated content successfully captivated FINE & RAW ’s target demographic, evidenced by significant uplifts in engagement metrics.
  • Optimized Campaign Performance: Incorporating the high-performing videos into ongoing campaigns led to notable improvements in CTR and CPA, vital indicators of advertising efficacy.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Crafted’s adeptness at delivering resonant, high-quality content enabled more efficient spending on customer acquisition.


This partnership between FINE & RAW, Growphoria, and Crafted exemplifies the transformative potential of leveraging specialized, authentic user-generated content in digital marketing. The strategic focus on engaging, high-quality UGC not only elevated FINE & RAW ’s brand presence on digital platforms but also underscored the efficacy of nuanced content strategies in achieving superior campaign performance and cost efficiency.

Apr 2, 2024
Case Studies
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