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Sizzling Success: How Crafted Boosted Meat District's SHAQ Burger Launch via Drive-to-Retail Content


eat District introduced the SHAQ Burger, endorsed by Shaquille O'Neal, across select states in Walmart, Stater Bros, Food Lion, and Kroger. Crafted leveraged its unique regional micro-influencer strategy, employing localized voices to guide followers through each retailer's Drive-to-Retail journey. This approach not only showcased the burger but also directed consumers to specific store locations. Achieving 608,683 views against a target of 227,272 and a CPM of $12.36 from 65 posts, Crafted's campaign underscores the unmatched potency of targeted, localized influencer marketing.


Meat District, a brand that produces premium butcher meats, unveiled its newest offering — the SHAQ Burger, bolstered by an endorsement from the legendary Shaquille O'Neal. While celebrity endorsements can create immense buzz, Meat District recognized the need for targeted, local promotion to ensure the product reached its intended audience. The challenge? The SHAQ Burger was launching across four major retailers: Walmart, Stater Bros, Food Lion, and Kroger, but only in specific states and store locations.


Localized, state-specific marketing is not a one-size-fits-all game. The objective was to engage potential customers in both densely and sparsely populated regions — from the bustling streets of California to the tranquil towns of Idaho and Wyoming. Big marketing agencies might blanket-promote, often missing these niche segments. Furthermore, the Drive-to-Retail content had to be tailored for each of the four distinct retailers, ensuring that the content resonated with regional audiences while directing them to their nearest store.

A TikTok Video screenshot showcasing the Walmart Storefront.
Drive-to-Retail Content for SHAQ Burger Campaign


Crafted's unique influencer solution came to the rescue. Rather than relying on broad-stroke advertising methods, Crafted zoomed in on micro-influencers residing in the target regions for each retailer, using local voices to showcase the SHAQ Burger's availability at their closest store.

The Drive-to-Retail approach was crucial. Influencers didn't just flash the SHAQ Burger on screen; they embarked on a journey, guiding their followers from their front door to their local retailer — be it Walmart in Idaho or Stater Bros in California. These influencers detailed their path to the specific section where the SHAQ Burger was available, making it effortlessly replicable for their audience. To top it off, the Call-to-Actions (CTAs) were expertly crafted to match each storefront, ensuring viewers knew exactly where to find their next choice for grilling season.

Screenshot of TikTok video showcasing Shaq Burger
TikTok Video promoting Meat District's SHAQ Burger


  • Views: The figures spoke volumes. Crafted's regional approach culminated in a whopping 608,683 views, significantly overshooting the target of 227,272 views by 268%! This success wasn't just about the numbers but about reach the right audience.
  • Engagement and Reach: The campaign's average engagement rate was 8.27%, outshining the industry averages for TikTok (5.53%) and Reels (4.36%). 65 tailored posts across different influencers meant diverse, yet localized, engagement. The content, fine-tuned to resonate with regional audiences, played a key role in the campaign's success.
  • Performance: The campaign achieved a $12.36 eCPM and an estimated 53.4 units/week sales lift (based on historical conversion data).

Check out some of the highest performing videos that were part of this campaign here, here, and here.

In conclusion, Crafted's regional micro-influencer campaign for Meat District's SHAQ Burger stands as a testament to the power of localized marketing. By seamlessly blending celebrity endorsement with localized Drive-to-Retail content, Crafted delivered a masterclass in regional product launches. In the intricate dance of modern marketing, Crafted showcased that precision and localization can lead the way, ensuring brands don't just reach audiences, but the right audience.

Sep 26, 2023
Case Studies
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