Be the star of your own cooking show
in minutes.

Host low-effort cooking livestreams, build REAL connections with fans through live chat, earn tips & gifts for your hard work.
Livestreaming is now available for select creators!
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GEtting started

Minimal streaming setup 
Got a ring light and a webcam? Then you got a streaming setup. 
No video editing
The beauty of livestreaming. Only thing you need to worry about post-stream is standard kitchen cleanup
Be yourself!
Don’t stress about being camera ready, preparing a script, or making sure everything goes as planned. The more natural you are in front of your virtual live audience, the more your genuineness comes through.

  • You create for the enjoyment and inspiration of your fans, not for ad revenue that goes to tech giants. Our model reflects that by facilitating direct payments from your fans to you.

  • Asking for a few bucks doesn’t have to be awkward. While some may feel comfortable nudging their fans to take out their credit cards, others may opt to run competitions to encourage friendly competition among the top gifters.

  • This is just the beginning, stay tuned for many more monetization routes. Whether you just want a little spending money or plan to go full-time, we’ve got you covered!

  • STREAM From your kitchen

    Going live from your very own kitchen is easy as pie. Click here for the tutorial. After getting the basics down, you can even add your own flare with custom stream overlays and interactive activities!


    See who is hitting you up in real time. Monitor Live Chat messages and donations as they come through, and shout the individual fans out. This creates a more intimate experience that is unforgettable.

  • share recipes

    Crafted Snaps let you and your fans to share photos of what you’re making on the daily. Link the photos to recipes on your blog or add the recipe right to the Snap.

  • Run the show, not seo

    Trying to rank high on Google Search, chasing the Instagram algorithm and slaving over hot stoves for brands is a never-ending pursuit. The rat race ends with Crafted. You’re in control of your brand, your true fanbase, and your revenue.

  • Why another platform? Crafted is different

    The last thing you need is another social media account to keep up, but Crafted is different. You don't need millions of followers to have community. Crafted is a place for you to build a tight knit circle of dedicated fans. We are also working to make Crafted your one stop shop for content and monetization with streams, recipes, tips, paid workshops, merch and more, reducing your need for blogs and social media.

Founding creators program

  • Benefits

    - Pass up to 10 hours per week of work to our staff (tasks like setting up affiliate links, writing Instagram captions, proofreading, SEO-optimizing new posts, redesigning your blog, and other odds and ends).
    - Be featured frequently on our social media accounts and our website.
    - Retain 100% of your earnings from tips & subs for the first 1 year.
    - Get early access to new features!


    - Stream at least 5 hours per week (streams are unscripted and don't require advanced planning).
    - Promote your Crafted Stream on your social media accounts — we'll provide materials.
    - We have limited spots — so apply today!


When can I start?

You can get started as soon as today! You are on your way to becoming a Crafted Superstar! Schedule a demo with us to learn more about how the platform works and to get you all set up.

How much money could I make?

That's up to you! Like most things you get out of it, what you put in. The best way to ensure that you make money on the platform is to stream at least 5 hours a week and to promote on your other social media platforms.

How often do I need to stream?

There is no minimum required streaming time unless you are part of the Founding Creator Program.

How does Crafted make money?

Crafted takes 30% of the revenue from monetization activities like tips & subscriptions. However, this fee is waived for members of the Founding Creator Program for the 1st year.

Where does the livestream traffic come from?

Traffic for your livestream originates from multiple sources. The 1st and most important source is YOU, we will provide promotional materials for you to easily market to your fans on other social media platforms. Additional traffic will originate from our discover page with Founding Creators being prioritized.

What should I stream?

It's up to you! Whether you want to experiment with a new recipe, do a workshop series or just cook dinner for your family, go for it! Fans will care less about the recipe and more about the opportunity to connect with you in an intimate setting.

What equipment do I need to get started?

That's the best part. A ring light and a laptop is all you need to get started. After you've got that covered, we recommend additional lighting if you don't have good natural lighting.