Impress your retailers with high quality short form video

Prove that you are supporting retail launch & velocity through short-form video campaigns.

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Track campaign performance in real-time and adjust if necessary.

Monitor your campaign's progression instantaneously with our real-time tracking feature. Gain insights on performance metrics, allowing for timely adjustments and optimizations. Ensure your campaign remains on target, leveraging immediate feedback to maximize its potential and achieve desired outcomes.

Crafted Analytics Dashboard
Crafted Pre-Negotiated Rate

Only pay for what you get, no negotiating with influencers

Experience a transparent pricing model with Crafted. Pay solely for the results you receive, eliminating the hassle of influencer negotiations. Our platform ensures consistent rates, derived from genuine reach metrics, ensuring you get true value without prolonged price discussions.

All-in-One Influencer Management Platform

Crafted offers a comprehensive influencer management solution. From campaign creation to influencer engagement, all processes are streamlined on our platform. Effortlessly launch, track, and optimize influencer campaigns, ensuring efficient management and measurable results, all under one digital roof.

Crafted Product Fullfillment

Supporting Retail Launch

Estimated Total Views from Campaign
533,333-1,066,666 views

Know how many impressions do you need?

Estimated Sales Lift:
20-40 units

Know how many influencer posts you need?

Estimated Campaign Views
300,000-500,000 views

Know how many impressions do you need?

Estimated Sales Lift:
$2,880 - $7,680
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How it Works

1. Launch with Precision

Use Crafted's platform to initiate your campaign. Outline specific talking points, designate target retail locations, and define your audience. Our system then broadcasts this opportunity across our vast influencer network, ensuring your brand resonates with the right voices.

2. Select & Simplify

Receive and review proposals from creators via Crafted. Choose your ideal partners without the hassle of negotiations. Each creator abides by our algorithmically suggested rate, which predicts the post's reach, ensuring cost-effective collaborations.

3. Efficient Creator Management

Choose to oversee the creator process. Dispatch products, peruse video drafts, and provide feedback all through Crafted's integrated platform. Streamline communication and ensure content aligns with your brand's vision.

4. Real-Time Analysis

Experience the power of data with our analytics dashboard. Monitor campaign performance in real time, evaluating both post and overall campaign metrics. Use insights to refine strategies and amplify your brand's impact.

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