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Top Retail Media Networks vs. Emerging RMNs

The world of retail media continues to explode with industry leaders making big moves and smaller, niche retailers getting into the game. In this article you'll get a breakdown of what retail media networks are, as well as the implications of this trend on retail and digital advertising down the line.

The Power of Influencer Whitelisting and How To Do It

Discover the power of influencer whitelisting in our latest guide. Dive into strategies for authentic content, mutual benefits, and navigating financial aspects of influencer collaborations. This article breaks down everything you need to know to leverage influencer relationships for maximum brand impact and ROI.

How to Drive Trial for Your Food and Beverage Brand

Learn the secrets behind crafting effective local and regional campaigns, creating engaging short-form videos, and driving retail purchasing through targeted efforts. Join us in exploring how Crafted's cutting-edge platform and tailored approaches can elevate your brand to new heights.

Why You Need To Care About TikTok SEO as a Food & Bev Brand

Dive into the dynamic world of TikTok SEO with our full guide. Learn how to leverage SEO on TikTok to elevate your food and beverage brand's online presence. From understanding TikTok's role as a search engine to implementing advanced SEO tactics, this article provides actionable strategies to increase visibility, engage with your target audience effectively, and adapt to the evolving landscape of digital marketing.
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Measuring ROI for UGC and Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Learn how to set smart goals, leverage advanced analytics tools, and utilize Crafted’s tailored solutions for unparalleled insights on your UGC and influencer marketing campaigns. This article provides essential strategies for measuring ROI and optimizing your digital marketing efforts, ensuring you connect, engage, and convert your target audience effectively.
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Why Product Seeding and Gifting is Key for Food & Bev Brands

Learn the difference between product seeding and gifting, finding the right influencers, and understanding the best practices for impactful gifting campaigns. This guide offers insights into enhancing brand visibility, choosing the right products, and measuring campaign success.
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How to Launch an Influencer Marketing Campaign in Food and Bev

Uncover the influence of influencer marketing in food and beverage. Elevate your brand with Crafted's insights and expert tips.
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Maximizing Influencer Marketing for Food and Beverage Brands

Discover the power of influencer marketing in the food and beverage industry. Learn to define goals, find the right influencers, leverage platforms, optimize campaigns, and build lasting relationships. Check out our tips to maximize your campaigns with actionable strategies and tips. Don't miss your chance to boost brand awareness and credibility with influencer marketing.
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Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing For Food & Bev Brands

Dive into our comprehensive guide on influencer marketing, where we unravel the world of social media influencers and their impact on brand storytelling. Learn about different types of influencers, from celebrities to nano-influencers, and discover how to effectively integrate influencer marketing with SEO strategies. Our article also addresses common challenges and offers insights on measuring success, providing you with a thorough understanding of this dynamic marketing approach.




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