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Being a creator who cultivates an engaged community of followers online is an incredibly special opportunity that is available to more social media users more than ever. But the the influencers who stay ahead of the curve, utilizing the tools and platforms available to them, and understand needs of the brands on the other side of a sponsored partnership deal, will have an edge over the rest. Learn how Crafted can enable you to be forward thinking in the space, and how we approach creator compensation so it's seamless, and adequately rewards you for the strength of your community.

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The Problem with the Creator Economy

In today's digital era, a surge of content creators are enriching the online landscape with diverse stories. This growth, spurred by easy tech access and appreciation for unique voices, also brings challenges. There is an excess of creators compared to brands — in fact for every brand there are about 200 creators, all seeking a share in influencer marketing. This dense landscape means creators constantly need to be doing outreach to brands, leaving them inundated and overwhelmed with choosing the right creators to work with, managing deals, and monitoring their budgets. 

Mismatched Partnerships
Given the intense competition and scarcity of brand deals, UGC creators and nano / micro-influencers may compromise and collaborate with brands that do not align with their image or values, potentially alienating their audience and eroding trust. 

Lack of Standardization
The absence of a universal pricing structure in influencer marketing leads to prolonged and sometimes futile negotiations between creators and brands. This lack of standardization results in creators either undervaluing or overvaluing their brand, and brands struggling to allocate appropriate budgets for campaigns. 

Misguided Campaigns
This lack of best practices for the market leaves brands — who are in the driver's seat when it comes to sponsored collaborations — misinformed and misguided about the best way to plan and execute influencer campaigns. Brands new to influencer marketing, or those without a clear strategy, often end up with campaigns that do not yield the desired results. This can lead to disillusionment, causing brands to reconsider their investment in influencer marketing. 

The Solution: Crafted

Fair Compensation
Crafted’s algorithm meticulously calculates rates based on a creator's average viewership and engagement levels, ensuring a fair and transparent compensation model. 

Payment Breakdown
Beyond a base content creation fee, creators are rewarded with a reach rate unique to their influence on each platform, providing a clear breakdown of their earnings. 

Platform-Specific Rates
You will see two separate rates for your TikTok and Instagram accounts. While you may post to one or the other depending on the campaign requirements, if you post to both,you would receive the sum of those two rates. 

On-Demand Payouts
You accrue a balance in Crafted and can withdraw at any time, similar to Venmo.

Benefits of Joining Crafted

Focus On Creating Content
‍Crafted eliminatesthe tedious negotiation process, freeing creators to focus on what they dobest: creating engaging content. 

Easy Access to Campaigns
The platform acts as a bridge between creators and brands, with a user-friendly interface that allows creators to seamlessly apply to campaigns that resonate with their brand and audience. 

Transparent Rates
With Crafted, creators have full visibility into how their rates are calculated, instilling confidence that they are receiving market-competitive compensation. 

Get Paid for Your Value
The platform ensures that a creator's influence is accurately reflected in their compensation, leading to fair and timely payments. 

Get Paid Immediately
We know brands are notorious for completing payments months after a campaign. With our on-demand payment model, payout can be instantaneous.

Your Earning Potential

Let's take an example part-time creator with 20k followers on Instagram averaging 10k views per Reel. Her rate in Crafted would be $325 to post on this platform alone. She is a regular user of Crafted, constantly monitoring the available tasks to find brand projects that best suit her. She does 2 brand deals per Crafted per month, earning$650 per month (not to mention all of the free product she gets each time!). Her rate will only increase as she continues to post consistently, nurture her community, and grow her reach. Soon, she will be in a position to quit her day job and become a full time content creator, thanks to Crafted.

Compare that to a typical scenario for a creator of this size. According to a report by Later, given her follower count, she would charge $277.28 per Instagram Reel. The deal flow is inconsistent, averaging about 1 per 2 months given she has to do her own outreach, yielding only $138.64 per month. These brand deals are not in line with her ethos and not appreciated by her audience, so her growth is stagnant.

Looking Ahead.
In the future, there will be more opportunities for creators to earn more. On our roadmap are additional rewards for timely content delivery, high brand ratings, and the ability to submit high quality video drafts that require minimal content revisions.

The Bigger Picture

Market Trends
Despite a downwardtrend in earnings per influencer brand deal in the industry, influencermarketing remains a key strategy for brands, with an anticipated increase ininvestment in the coming years. Creators that are in touch with the ever-evolving dynamics of the creator economy will have an edge over their competition and win in this space.

Economic Climate
The current macroeconomic climate demands greater scrutiny from brands on their return on investment in influencer marketing. Crafted's performance-based model addresses this need, ensuring efficient budget allocation and maximum impact.

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