Streamline your social media efforts with our influencer management solution

Say goodbye to duplicative and wasteful agency spend, confusing email chains, scattered Instagram DMs and excel sheets! Use Crafted's streamlined, automated influencer management platform, designed for efficiency and precision. Transform your influencer campaigns and enjoy hassle-free tracking and coordination. It's time for a modern approach to influencer marketing.

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Save time & money with automation.

Leverage automation for significant time and cost savings. Eliminate manual tasks, reduce errors, and optimize processes. By investing in automation, you're not just buying a tool; you're ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and scalability for your business operations, allowing for smarter decisions and maximized ROI.

Crafted Product Fullfillment
Crafted Analytics Dashboard

Get more in-depth & real-time data through our dashboard.

Experience unparalleled insights with our dashboard, designed for depth and immediacy. Make data-driven decisions, understand trends instantly, and respond to market shifts with agility. Our real-time analytics empowers you to stay ahead, make informed choices, and harness the full potential of your campaigns.

Cut wasteful spending through hypertargeted campaigns.

Streamline your budget by focusing on regions that matter most. With our hypertargeting feature, direct your campaign precisely where it resonates, eliminating wasteful broad-spectrum spending. Harness the power of geo-specific marketing, optimizing your ROI and ensuring that every dollar is effectively deployed for maximum impact. Make every cent count.

Hypertargeted campaigns
Influencer Marketing Offering

Influencer Marketing on TikTok

Tap into TikTok's vast, engaged audience with influencer marketing. Crafted connects brands with top TikTok influencers, crafting campaigns that resonate and elevate your brand's digital presence, reaching millions effortlessly. Let TikTok influencers amplify your message in authentic, impactful ways.

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Organic Social Offering

Organic User-Generated Content on TikTok

Maximize brand reach with organic User-Generated Content (UGC) on TikTok. Crafted connects you with real users who create compelling, shareable content about your product. Boost brand trust and engagement through the power of authentic stories and genuine endorsements on TikTok.

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Video Ads Offering

Paid Video Ads
on TikTok

With Crafted, effortlessly create standout video content tailored specifically for TikTok's vibrant audience. Boost your CTRs significantly. Ensure your ad campaigns resonate, drive engagement, and make a lasting impact. Harness the full potential of TikTok's platform with our specialized, results-driven approach.

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