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10 Killer Brand Videos and Why They Went Viral


hort-form video platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels are fickle. It's hard to predict what will take off and what will flop. So we've done the hard work for you of analyzing high performing videos and telling you why they did well. Here are 10 CPG brand videos that blew it out of the water on TikTok and Instagram so you can start implementing some of these tactics for your brand right away.

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1. Fly by Jing

@flybyjing on Instagram

Aesthetic Dining Experience

This video did well because it's an aesthetic ASMR piece, but it's inviting — the shots are of a cozy family-style dinner table at home, something we can all relate to with pleasant associations. Notice the brand gets the spotlight a fair amount but it's not forced. By creating a beautiful, comforting experience for the viewer, this video does an exceptional job of contextualizing the product for current and prospective customers.

2. Chamberlain Coffee

@chamberlaincoffee on TikTok

Day in the Life

Besides the fact that the founder of this brand is a celebrity, this video has outperformed the rest of Chamberlain Coffee's videos by a long shot. Emma just rolled out of bed and you're there in the kitchen with her as she performs her daily morning ritual. This is the type of content that you can recreate by making your viewers feel like your friends who you're comfortable with enough to hang around in your pjs. By letting them behind the curtain to see the unpolished, down-to-earth qualities that make you and your brand human, you're building connection, credibility, and trust. Try storytelling or "a day in the life" videos to achieve this. You don't have to be famous to pull it off.

3. Daring Foods

@daringfoodsnon TikTok

Mouthwatering Hook & Social Proof

This video opens with the money shot. Any viewer — vegan or not —would see it and think "yum, I want that," and just as if she was reading our mind, Aysha expresses the same reaction and actually goes to go make it herself in that moment. Sprinkle in more taste-bud-tantalizing shots and the familiar sounds of something delicious being whipped up in the kitchen, and boom. You have your first viral UGC video.

4. Simple Mills

@simplemills on Instagram

Your Spin On a Recipe Trend

This is a creative play on the butter board trend that was rampant during the fall of last year. Riding on the wave of this trend while also creating a "recipe" that impresses guests but can come together in just a few minutes is the very *recipe* to this video's success. It's a life hack to serve store bought dips in a beautiful way like this, which adds so much value to busy entertainer watching this video.

5. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

@vanleeuwenicecream on TikTok

Company Founder & Seasonal Flavors

There are a few reasons why this did so much better than Van Leeuwen's average TikToks. The subject is the founder of this beloved and well known brand (his last name is literally Van Leeuwen as he states), so the viewers feel like they're getting a special opportunity to speak with the highest executive. You'll notice some comments addressing "Ben" before stating an ask or an opinion about the ice cream. This naturally encourages a slew of comments about viewers' personal experiences with Van Leeuwen, their favorite flavors, questions about where it's available, and more. The seasonal taste test format is also effective because it drives people to share and save the video so they can remember to get the limited edition flavors while they're being offered. Check out those astonishing engagement numbers yourself and be amazed.

6. Poppi

@drinkpoppi on Instagram

Comparison to a Household Brand Name

This is probably my favorite example because it goes to show how powerful a simple UGC video is. This video absolutely dominates because of the comparison to a legacy iconic brand and household name, Dr. Pepper, the authenticity and organic quality, and there's an adorable baby in the shot — providing more to look at and react to. It's the most simple and undone (no editing or scripting) among all of Poppi's videos but it has performed the best. Don't underestimate the power or good old fashioned, taste test and review UGC.

7. King's Hawaiian

@kingshawaiian on TikTok

Quick Paced Unpredictable Recipe

I bet you didn't expect to see a 70 year old brand on this list, did you? I'm obsessed with judging a legacy brand's ability to do TikTok. Look no further than King's Hawaiian, whose top performing video puts a spin on the typical use of their rolls as buns. This video taps into elements of surprise, food porn, and how-to (it's a recipe you can follow!) all in just 11 seconds. The shortness of the video requires people to watch it multiple times to understand how to make the recipe, and contributes to impeccable watch time rates — a metric that TikTok weighs heavily in the algorithm.

8. Brightland

@wearebrightland on Instagram

Borrowing from Viral Videos

This video has viral written all over it. it's cute, captivating, impractical, and an homage to Tiny Kitchen — an insanely popular YouTube channel. This video wasn't even created by Brightland nor does it incorporate the product or promote it. This is a repost of another creator. But because it has such high viewership and engagement, it both increases Brightland's reach and delights Brightland's current following, which strengthens their online community.

9. Bob's Red Mill

@bobsredmill on TikTok

DIY Inspiration

This video captures a creative twist on your standard instant CPG product, inspiring consumers to customize their oatmeal at home according to their favorite flavor profiles or with whatever ingredients they already have in their kitchen. This video also does not share the recipe, leaving people to comment begging for it and boosting it in the feed.

10. DEUX

@eatdeux on Instagram

Juxtaposition & Eye Candy

If you aren't obsessed with Deux's branding and content, are you even a CPG fan? Most of Deux's videos do super well, but their Hot Guys Who Bake series is pure genius. Muscly shirtless men paired with a hot pink apron, baking cookies? It's clickbait gold. Need I say more?

Where to start?

I hope these 10 video examples can inspire creative concepts for your own brand. If you need more ideas, download our free 31 day social media calendar for a repeatable content plan that will ensure you never run out of video ideas again.

Feb 23, 2023
Social Media
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