Crafted Vs Soona

Feature Comparison
Feature Crafted Studio Trend by Soona
Industry Focus Food and Beverage, especially in retail Multi-industry, including Beauty, Clothing, Tech, etc.
Content Offerings Food-related videos, UGC, recipes, cooking, testimonials, showcases, video ads, product reviews Product Photos, Videos, BTS, Unboxing, How-to, etc.
Platform Core Strength Drive-to-retail content for retail conversions, authentic UGC & cooking content Production grade video & photo content, Variety of content shoot locations (pools, snow, desert, etc)
Software Content Management Dashboard, Content Library, Creator Reimbursement feature Content Management Dashboard, Content Library
Creator Negotiation Process Transparent pricing, no need for direct negotiations with creators Transparent pricing, no need for direct negotiations with creators
Outreach and Research Automated outreach to curated network of creators, ability to see portfolio of creator's past work Automated outreach to curated network of creators
Pricing Structure Pay per video asset & per add-on (Product Reviews, Product Photos and Recipes), Negotiable bulk packages Pay per creator (prices vary by skillset), Each creator produced 5 photos and 2 videos, Higher priced packages

In the arena of user-generated content (UGC) creation, both Crafted and Trend by Soona offer unique approaches and strengths. While Crafted focuses on brands in the food and beverage sector with a retail presence, Trend by Soona caters to a broader range of industries, including beauty, clothing, and tech.

Crafted, positioned as a specialized UGC provider with, stands out for its  focus on supporting omnichannel brands, like those in the food and beverage industry. The Crafted Studio platform excels in crafting authentic, engaging food-related videos, recipes, cooking demonstrations, testimonials, and more. This authenticity is particularly effective on platforms like TikTok, where genuine and relatable content resonates strongly with audiences. Crafted's Drive-to-Retail content also stands out, aimed specifically at enhancing retail conversions and providing a more immersive brand experience by being able to geographically target specific regions. The platform’s automated outreach to a curated and vetted network of creators, along with transparent pricing and the ability to view portfolios, makes it a comprehensive solution for brands in the food and beverage industry.

On the other hand, Trend by Soona offers a wide array of content options across various industries, with a focus on high production-grade videos and photos. Their content, ranging from behind-the-scenes to unboxing and how-to videos, is created in diverse shoot locations, giving brands a variety of visual narratives. While their content is polished and commercial-ready, ideal for advertising on platforms like Facebook and TV, it might not capture the same level of authenticity as Crafted's user-centric, relatable videos.

Both platforms share similarities in software offerings, with each providing a content management dashboard and content library. Their transparent pricing and streamlined negotiation process also mirror each other, ensuring a hassle-free experience for clients. Crafted's pricing is based on each video asset and add-on services like product reviews, photos, and recipes, catering to the specific needs of food and beverage brands. Trend by Soona, meanwhile, opts for a per-creator pricing model, with each creator delivering a set number of photos and videos, offering a straightforward package for clients across various industries.

In conclusion, while both Crafted and Trend by Soona offer robust UGC solutions, their ideal customer profiles differ. Crafted is the go-to platform for food and beverage brands seeking authentic, engaging, and retail-focused content, especially effective on platforms that celebrate real and unpolished content like TikTok. Trend by Soona, with its emphasis on high-quality, production-grade content, is better suited for brands across multiple industries looking for polished, commercial-ready visual narratives. Each platform, in its own right, addresses the diverse content creation needs of today’s digital marketing landscape.

Nov 14, 2023
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