Exploring Content Styles for Effective UGC in Food & Bev

In the dynamic world of digital content, experimenting with various video formats is crucial to discover what resonates best with your audience. Here’s a guide to different content styles for organic marketing:

1. Recipe Style Videos (Tasty-Style)

- Style: Overhead-view, focused on the dish preparation process.

- Ideal For: Viewers who prefer straightforward, visual recipe guidance without additional commentary.

2. Cooking Show Format

- Style: Personality-driven, featuring a host who adds anecdotes and tips while cooking.

- Ideal For: Engaging audiences with a more personal, guided cooking experience.

3. Experience/Storytelling

- Style: Centers around experiences or stories related to the product, like family gatherings or personal trials of a new item.

- Ideal For: Creating emotional connections and relatability through storytelling.

4. ASMR Videos

- Style: Focused on auditory sensations, like the crunch of food or fizz of a beverage.

- Ideal For: Offering a unique sensory experience, highlighting often-overlooked aspects of food and beverages.

5. Highly Aesthetic Content

- Style: Emphasizes the visual beauty of food, showcasing vibrant colors, steam, or perfect plating.

- Ideal For: Capturing the artistic side of culinary creations, appealing to viewers who appreciate aesthetics.

6. Aspirational Content

- Style: Presents dining experiences or dishes in a way that evokes a desire or aspiration in the viewer.

- Ideal For: Inspiring audiences to recreate or experience similar culinary adventures.

7. Review Videos

- Style: Features consumers or experts tasting and giving honest feedback on a product.

- Ideal For: Building trust and authenticity through genuine consumer reviews.

Choosing and Scaling Content Formats

- Production Time: Consider the time and resources required for each format. Some, like recipe-style videos, may be quicker to produce than others.

- Brand Alignment: Ensure the format aligns with your brand’s marketing goals and identity.

- Scalability: Assess how easily a format can be scaled to reach a broader audience.


Diversifying your content format is key in organic marketing, especially in the food and beverage industry. By experimenting with different styles, from the straightforward Tasty-style videos to more emotive storytelling and aesthetic showcases, you can engage your audience in various ways. The right mix of content styles will depend on your brand’s personality, resources, and the preferences of your target audience. With a strategic approach, these diverse formats can significantly enhance your UGC strategy and brand reach.

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Dec 12, 2023
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