Founder Spotlight: Dream Pops Transition to UGC Marketing

Back Story

David Greenfeld founded Dream Pops, a plant-based ice cream alternative in 2016 after quitting his job in finance. He initially began by sharing his vision through LinkedIn articles and on a Podcast called Stick With Your Dreams. As he progressed on with his brand, David started to recognize the potential of User Generated Content (UGC) in short form content platforms with the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels. He began posting around 1 to 3 times a day with his business partner, testing and learning what worked for him to build and cater to his audience.

Consequently after gathering the courage to post himself and share his story, he quickly realized how he could scale his marketing strategy. This led him to prioritizing UGC content and focus on building a community of creators that involved his own consumers, in order to promote his brand authentically. David leveraged UGC to grow Dream Pops, transforming customers into brand advocates and co-creators, which was essential for the brand's expansion and connection with its audience.

By creating a network of UGC creators while posting himself, he quickly gained insight into understanding where his marketing was more effective or lacking. Tracking the right metrics became a very important part of learning about product performance, further refining a framework for better testing angles and tactics.

Finding What Works - Transitioning To Short Form Content 

‍David knew that every 6-12 months platforms and trends would change, so he had to pivot to the platforms that encourage content at scale, while still being as authentic in the storytelling process as possible. He found that the most raw, honest content he shared, had become the most resonating. 

Initially selling his product B2B (Business to Business), he knew he needed to make a transition to B2C (Business to Consumer). Through his own trial and error he finally came to using UGC content to grow their brand to consumers. By leveraging the power of short form social media platforms, they became their own marketing team, allowing consumers to become their very own brand advocates. 

There was a moment in his business where he was moving inventory to a retailer in Chicago and everything went wrong. When he opened the back of the truck to move the product inside, all of it came crashing down! Instead of taking this as a frustrating moment and letting it put him down, he saw this as an opportunity to share with his consumers what the process is really like. He filmed his own UGC style video to emphasize the realities of business and what actually goes on behind the scenes. ‍

Key Takeaways

By allowing consumers to become creators - the reach they have on the internet has increased and allowed their business model to adapt and grow to the times. By pivoting to short form content and sharing their story uniquely with the help of UGC, Dream Pop’s reach and connection with its consumers has resonated more deeply 

Dream Pops UGC in Action

Here is an example of UGC in action:

Now, take a look at something like this:

Which style of video resonates with you the most, what makes you actually curious to learn more about the brand and try its product ? 

With Crafted's custom tailored UGC style social media strategy, we can help brands create content that is fitted perfectly to their needs. In some of our options below, we define the types of content we can help create and how they would look. 

Product Highlight Videos with ASMR and High Cinematic Style

The core of any brand’s product appeal will be amplified through high-quality, cinematic videos that make viewers feel as if they can reach out and touch the product. The use of ASMR elements will enhance the sensory experience, leveraging the sounds of unwrapping, biting, and enjoying the pops to stimulate viewer engagement. The enticing visuals paired with these sounds will transform a simple product showcase into a multi-sensory experience, increasing viewer retention and encouraging shares and saves on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Lifestyle Integration Videos

Ultimately buying specific types of foods and beverages are a lifestyle choice. Crafted will produce aspirational content that places a brand's products within the context of your target audience's lifestyle. From urban rooftops to serene park picnics, these videos will demonstrate how the brand's products seamlessly fits into every part of a conscious consumer's life. Through relatable scenarios, the brand will become a companion to life's enjoyable moments, driving home the message that each product is an essential part of their lifestyle.

Behind-The-Scenes Content with Cooking Show Elements

Transparency builds trust, and trust builds communities. Crafted will take viewers behind the scenes to reveal the care and passion that goes into making a brand's products and recipes. Integrating Cooking Show elements, the process will be hosted by engaging personalities who share fun facts, tips, and the occasional blooper, humanizing the brand and building a narrative that customers want to be part of. This content can also be leveraged to highlight the brand's commitment to its values and quality.

User Testimonial Compilations

Nothing speaks louder than genuine enthusiasm. Crafted will curate and compile authentic customer testimonials, showcasing real stories and experiences with a brand's products. These snippets of advocacy will serve as potent endorsements, far more persuasive than any scripted advertisement. The montage of genuine reactions will be strategically shared across social channels to bolster credibility and encourage trial among prospective customers.

Educational Content with Review Format

In today’s market, an informed consumer is a loyal consumer. Crafted will craft educational content that informs viewers of the benefits of any specific diets, with the brand's products as the prime example. This content will be juxtaposed with review formats where real-life feedback underscores the product's appeal. This strategy not only educates but also validates the product’s value proposition through authentic reviews.

Recipe and Pairing Suggestions with ‘Tasty’ Style Videos

Your brand is versatile, and Crafted’s content will reflect that. By creating quick, visually appealing 'Tasty' style videos, Crafted will provide viewers with creative ways to incorporate the brand's into their meals and snacks. These recipes will not only inspire culinary creativity but also position the brand's product's as must-have items in the target customer's kitchen, thus widening its appeal.

Interactive Content for Engagement with ASMR Elements

Interactive content is key to engagement. Crafted will design interactive polls, quizzes, and ‘choose your adventure’ style stories that hinge on the sensory experience the brand's products offers. ASMR will again play a role, making these interactions not just visually but also audibly appealing. This approach not only entertains but also empowers the audience to become content co-creators, fostering a collaborative and loyal community.

Emotional and Aspirational Storytelling

Crafted will harness the power of storytelling, creating narratives that tie the brand and its products to personal achievements and aspirations. Whether it's celebrating a personal milestone or enjoying a well-deserved snack, the brand will be positioned as a reward that’s part of the journey to fulfillment. Influencers will be leveraged to create these inspirational stories, prompting viewers to envision themselves in these narratives, thus driving desire and demand.


Through this tailored strategy, Crafted will not only highlight the sensory and visual appeal of brands like Dream Pops but will also intertwine the brand into the fabric of everyday life, aspirations, and achievements. This multifaceted approach will foster a deep, emotionally charged connection between brands and its audience, growing engagement and translating it into a tangible demand for the product.

By creating a UGC experience that is unmatched, Crafted ensures that any food and beverage brand isn't just seen as a brand but as a pivotal part of a vibrant, health-conscious lifestyle. This strategy goes beyond traditional marketing — it invites the consumer to not just witness but participate and integrate their favorite products into their life, ensuring sustained growth and a lasting impression in the food and beverage landscape.

Nov 6, 2023
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