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Top 8 Video Ads in Food and Beverage | Crafted

In 2024, the food and beverage industry saw remarkable video advertising campaigns on various social platforms. Here’s a look at some brands that have excelled in this domain:

1. Kind Snacks (TikTok)

- Strategy: Collaborated with creator Zach King to integrate magic-themed content with brand messaging.

- User Engagement: Amplified reach by encouraging TikTok users to create content using a specific hashtag.

2. Olipop (TikTok)

- Approach: Utilized User Generated Content (UGC) through partnerships with TikTok creators.

- Impact: Achieved organic reach by showcasing candid reviews and genuine testimonials in everyday settings.

3. Magic Spoon Cereal (Instagram)

- Tactic: Leveraged Instagram Reels to showcase real consumers enjoying seasonal flavors.

- Outcome: Enhanced brand relatability and expanded reach through authentic user experiences.

4. Liquid Death (Instagram)

- Method: Employed humor and partnered with influencers for comedic takes on the brand’s image.

- Result: Built a unique and authentic connection with the audience, highlighting brand personality.

5. Oreo (Facebook)

- Strategy: Focused on seasonal campaigns, like Halloween, using trending formats like unboxing videos.

- Effectiveness: Created excitement and anticipation, keeping the brand top-of-mind during festive seasons.

6. Hidden Valley Ranch (Facebook)

- Approach: Collaborated with chef Stephanie Izard for culinary tutorials showcasing product versatility.

- Benefit: Offers more than just an ad, providing viewers with valuable content and product inspiration.

7. KerryGold (YouTube)

- Collaboration: Partnered with chef Molly Baz to demonstrate cooking with KerryGold products.

- Advantage: Merged influencer credibility with product promotion, enhancing brand engagement and reach.

8. Snickers (YouTube)

- Targeting Strategy: Focused on the audience of the show "Hot Ones," aligning with NFL sponsorship.

- Precision: Demonstrated the power of audience segmentation and tailored messaging for effective reach.


These examples demonstrate that successful video advertising in the food and beverage sector hinges on creativity, authenticity, and strategic partnerships. Whether it’s leveraging influencers, embracing UGC, or aligning with cultural moments, these brands have effectively used video ads to connect with their audiences. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, these innovative strategies offer valuable insights for other brands looking to make a significant impact with their video marketing campaigns.

Inspired by these trailblazers of video advertising in the food and beverage industry? Crafted is here to help you emulate their success. From Kind Snacks' magical TikTok collaborations to Oreo's festive Facebook campaigns, Crafted’s video ads services can help you harness the power of creativity, authenticity, and strategic partnerships for your brand’s content. Reach out today and see how we can elevate your ads.

Dec 13, 2023
Video Ads
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